Tiger Woods accident: Eldrick Tont “Tiger Woods” car crash for traffic collusion for Los Angeles

"Tiger Woods accident"

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Tiger Woods get car accident, dey surgery inside hospital

Tiger Woods, di 15-time Golf Major winner dey hospital afta e suffer car accident wit plenti leg injuries.

Dem don rush Tiger Woods wey real name na Eldrick Tont go hospital afta e involve for car wreck for traffic collusion, according to di Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department.

Di police department say dem “respond to one single vehicle rollover” accident wia di “vehicle sustain major damage”.

Los Angeles firefighters and paramedics “remove di American professional golfer from di wreck” Dem come take di 15-time golf major winner to one local hospital by ambulance to treat e injuries.

Woods’ agent Mark Steinberg say: “im currently dey undergo surgery and we thank una for ua privacy and support.”