Kagara GSC student kidnap: Niger state government neva fit secure di release of di victims

GSC Kagara signboard


Di Nigerian goment neva fit secure di release of students and staff of Government Science Secondary School, Kagara for Niger State north central Nigeria.

Bandits wit military uniform bin land di school for di 17th of February around 2 am and kidnap 42 pesins from di school – 27 among dem na students.

Since den, both di federal and state goment through di third party wey be Ahmed gumi don do missionary journey enta bush to yan wit bandits.

And also, security full ground brekete wey dey do surveillance to find out wia di students dem fit dey.

Which Location gunmen hide di students?

Di Secretary to di State Government, Ibrahim Matane say although goment neva get direct link wit di bandits wey kidnap di students, dem dey use di group wey dem know to reach dem.

E say dem get faint idea wia di boys dem dey, but e no mention am.

Di Bandit don demand for ransom?

Di bandits don dey individually reach out to some of di parents di students to demand for ransom.

Oga Matane say e no know how much dem demand from di parents, but as goment, dem no go advise anybody to pay ransom.

E say, dia goment policy be say dem no go pay any moni to any bandits and dat wetin goment don promise dem, na to epp dem to fund di grazing reserves so dat dem fit do dia business and also epp dem financially to start dia business.

GSC Kagara


Where di boys dey now?

In di last one week, tori don break like two times say di bandits don release di boys. E turn out to be lie.

Di Niger state goment too don come out to tok say di tori na lie as di boys dem still dey wit di bandits and dem dey try do everytin possible to rescue dem.

Oga Matane say as e dey now, dem no know di exact time wen di boys dem go get dia freedom and dat e fit be today, tomorrow or one week from now.

E add say security effort don dey ground to epp find di location of di boys.

Goment dey consider military action?

Di Niger state secretary to di state goment say if dem use military force, e go dey counter productive, as di bandits don mix wit di student.

E say di goment dey try make sure say dem release di boys in one piece for dia mama and papa dem.

E say negotiation naim be di best solution now and if goment use military force e go also affect di students.