Bear attack Alaska woman as she dey use toilet for Chilkat Lake bush

Black bear

Sabi pesin for aminal mata say na black bear fit don bite am

One woman for Alaska say she jump and shout afta bear bin attack her as she dey go toilet.

Shannon Stevens get puncture wound while she bin dey use di outside toilet for inside bush for Chilkat Lake.

Afta she shout, Ms Stevens brother bin comot with torch only to find di bear head dey look am from di hole of di toilet.

She tell di Associated Press news agency say, na afta she, her brother Erik and im babe bin roast sausage chop na im she say make she go toilet and di bear come bite her bum-bum.

She bin dey spend di weekend with her brother Erik and im babe inside tent wen di incident happun.

Ms Stevens say di wound na from either bite or di animal claw.


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Outside toilet wey dem dey call outhouse, di kain toilet wia di incident happun

“I go out come siddon ontop di toilet and immediately something bite my bum-bum as I sit down,” she tell tori pipo Associated Press news agency.

Dem manage to treat di wound with first aid.

Alaska Department of Fish and Game biologist Carl Kochtok say im tink di animal wey injure Ms Stevens na black bear and e no dey comon.

As for Ms Stevens, she say she go start to dey shine her eyes, look toilet well-well before she siddon for future.