[Niger State] GCS Kagara school kidnap update: Parents of kidnapped students say goment neva reach out to dem since bandits kidnap dia pikin

GSC Kagara


Parents and families of some of di kidnapped victims of Government science College Kagara, Niger state don hala say since di kidnap happun. goment neva follow dem tok anything.

Dem claim say all di assurances dem get na from di pages of newspaper and social media.

Some of di parents wey follow BBC tok under anonymity say since di incident happun until now, di Kidnappers neva contact any of di families and di state goment neva meet wit dem officially, all di thing dem dey hear about di mata na on top social media and for news paper.

“Di state goment neva address us, dem neva tok anything, all di assurance we dey hear about na for pages of newspapers, although we don reach out to di school to know how far but di school sef no get any information.”Di parents say nobody don reach out to dem, di kidnappers sef neva demand ransom.

Niger state govnor and im team


One of di parents lament say e prefer make im see di deadi body of im pikin pass di pain im dey go through now, at least e for don honorably bury im child pass di trauma im dey through now.

Another papa, wey im two children dey among dos dem kidnap, Adamu Alaji, from Gbako tok say im no like di way goment take dey handle di case. He said by now goment wey dey serious suppose don reach out to di family, say na di failure of di goment even cause wetin happun.

“I no fit imagine my two sons dey sleep wit unknown gunmen inside thick forest for long under dis harsh cold weather, wetin goment dey do no dey fair at all”. oga Adamu tok.

He frown say im two sons dey kidnappers den and im still dey wait make di govnor invite am and oda parents, meanwhile dem only see di govnor fly inside chopper go di place of di abduction, from there go Abuja, e no for once brief us, oga Adamu add join.

Papa of di boy wey escape share im experience

GSC Kagara


Di papa of di boy wey escape from di bush as di armed bandits dey carry dem go tok wetin im son eyes see for di hands of di kidnappers.

According to di papa, im son escape wen dem parade dem for counting but since di son come back na from one sickness to anoda. He go complain of tiredness, dizziness and body pain. “My child tell me say dem hear noise at about 2 am, and when dem discover say na bandits, all of dem start to dey run comot from dia hostels. By di time dem come out Bandits don surround di whole school, so dem begin dey march dem go bush, na for where dem dey parade dem for counting, my pikin tear race, dem pursue am reach Tegina before dem later free am. He sleep for thick forest for 5 hours, na for morning, e reach di school compound luckily””As papa I dey very worried wen I hear di incidents, I no believe say e escape until I hear im voice and I see am because wetin I bin hear na say dem no see am but immediately I sight am, I happy well-well, immediately I arrange make dem bring am come house.”

He say since di boy come back, e dey hospital dey receive treatment as kidnappers shot am and e injure sake of di rocks and stone e march as e dey run.

Time don reach to go spiritual- Niger State House of Assembly

Deputy govnor visit GSC Kagara


Meanwhile di Niger State House of Assembly say dem go begin amend di law wey dey guide kidnapping for di state to include punishment for pipo wey dey give kidnappers information.

Di lawmakers tok dis one wen dem visit di state govnor, Alhaji Abubakar Sani Bello on top d recent kidnappings wey happun for di state, also condemn di Kagara kidnap.

Di speaker, Abdullahi Bawa Wuse wey lead dem say by next week, dem go start di amendment of law relating to kidnapping and punishment for informants go dey included.

Dem also call for serious prayers, di speaker say make Christians amd Muslims pray make God see dem through di situation.

Di lawmakers advise di govnor to re-enforce meetings wit traditional institutions as plenty strange pipo dey enta di state.

Dem say make goment give marching order to di traditional leaders to sit up and begin dey checkmate di strangers wey dey enta dia communities.