EKSU: Ekiti state University #SaveEksu mata wey ‘students’ trend to express palava dem face for di school make goment react

Ekiti state goment don react to tori around di trend #SaveEksu wey students of di state university dey take dey tok about di palava wey dem dey go through as students and even afta dem graduate from di school.

Di students begin use di #SaveEksu to highlight some of wetin dem call di problems wey dem dey face for di school like

delay in results, missing scripts, delay in NYSC posting, school portal wey no dey work well and generally learning conditions for di school wey no dey up to standard.

But hours afta di hashtag begin gada strength dey trend for twitter, Ekiti state goment respond say dem go chook eye for di mata.

Wetin di students tok say be di issue?

Di students complain about some tins like missing scripts, delayed results, high school fees among odas.

Wetin goment tok?

Goment respond to di hashtag wey get more dan 40,000 tweets say dem go chook eye inside di mata and say di students get right to tok about di palava dem dey face for di school.

Inside statement from goment twitter handle, dem say dem go like to assure everyone say goment dey monitor di development and dey engage di authorities for di Ekiti State University to support dem in order to address di issues well-well.