Texas weather: President Biden declare major disaster as nearly 60 pipo die for US cold

Customers leave with supplies for di Costco Wholesale store for Austin, Texason 20 February 2021

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Customers leave with supplies for di Costco Wholesale store for Austin, Texas

President Joe Biden don declare major disaster for Texas wey go give way for more federal funding for relief efforts for di US State.

Light don dey come for different parts of Texas and dem dey expect temperatures to rise but up to 13 million pipo wey be like half of di population no get access to clean water to drink.

Dis na as di US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) don warn Houston say make dem boil water first before dem use.

States for di South don dey experience snow and ice storms wey don spoil water supply.

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Reports say nearly 60 don die as a result of cold weather across US.

Inside statement wey White House release, President Biden say, e don “order federal assistance to supplement state and local recovery efforts for di areas wey deyaffected by severe winter storms”.

Wetin dey currently happun for Texas?

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Dia electricity energy grid bin no fit bear di high demand for heat as di state enta dia lowest temperature in 30 years.

By Friday, 180,000 homes and businesses for Texas bin still no get electricity. Earlier for di week, di number of pipo wey no see light reach 3.3 million pipo.

Di water shortages for almost half di state dey come as pipes dey burst and water dey freeze for inside pipes for di state.

Officials don dey find sharp-sharp way to share bottle water and generator to help pipo in need. As local businesses dey help supply drinking water.

Pipo wey dey get bottled water for shelter for Texas

Pipo wey dey get bottled water for shelter for Texas

State officials say dem no sabi wen water go fit come back as water providers dem neva check how di water don affect dia systems.

Meanwhile, Texas Govnor Greg Abbot, don tok say more plumbers dey enta di state to work as water pipes deY burst around di state on top di cold.

And New York congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez tok on Saturday say she don raise pass 3 million dollars as part of relief efforts.

National Weather Service (NWS) don announce say di temperatures go rise in di coming days but don warn of dangerous travel conditions and power outages.

Dis na as dI state don record deaths from road accidents due to road accidents and carbon monoxide poisoning from pipo wey dey on gen and car to get warm.

For Harris County alone, ova three hundred pipo don dey affected by di poisoning in wetin local doctor dey call “a mini mass casualty event” .

Harris County Sheriff Ed Gonzalez don tok say “di weather no only cold, e dey deadly.”