Gen Z v Millennial: Gen Z meaning and wetin be di difference between di generations

Di generations wey collabo to fight for tins like end to police brutality, now dey ‘tweet fight each oda’ for wetin be di difference between Gen Z and Millennial.

How to use technology, apps especially di TikTok app and some fashion na im cause dis new kwanta between di Generation Z and di Millennial for Nigeria social media.

As di matta don dey trend for Twitter, di comparison no be here as pipo wey fall between each age bracket group dey try defend dia generation.

While Generation Z dey claim say na dem sabi use di apps pass, Millennial’s say na dem get di apps.

Who be Millenial and Gen Z?

Millennial, according to di Brooking Institution, na who dem dey take describe di generation wey become adults for di turn of di third millennium and na di generation wey start to dey use technology and internet dem for dia daily lives from small.

Di year’s wey dey widely popularized for popular culture say na dem be di millennial, pipo wey dem born between 1981-1996. Dis one mean say for 2021, Millennial’s go dey between di age group of 24-40 range.

Generation Z, na pipo dem born for mid 1990s to 2010s. Na generation wey no sabi wetin life mean without phones and di social media. Dia age group fall between teenagers and 25.

Wetin cause di gbas-gbos for social media?

E depend on who you ask, weda na one article on wetin Gen Z bin tok about millenials cos di vex or na di actual tiktok beef wey don dey boil since 2020.

For Nigeria, di matter don shift from technology and di use of apps to how pipo dem born for dis two different generations dey behave.

As dem dey tok wetin dem like about themselves, dem also argue dia differences.

Some of di Nigerian Gen Z’ers argue for Twitter say some millennial just be like di older generation, dem know di right thing but no dey do am, others tink say dem no dey smart.

Meanwhile, di millennial also argue say Gen Z dey rude, lazy, bold and no dey fear.

But even as all of dem dey fight, remember say dem don start to dey born di next generation, Gen Alpha wey for now di oldest na eleven, so las-las we go still revisit dis gbas-gbos.