‘I hear sound of di explosion but i no know say na di death of my four children i hear’

Mother of four of di children wey die afta explosive wey some children dey play with blow up for Zamfara state (northern Nigeria) tell BBC say from inside house she hear di explosion but she no know say na di death of her four children she hear.

Di incident wey happun on Monday dey continue to attract discussion across northern Nigeria considering say dis no be di first time wey children go die from thrown away explosive in di last few years.

Di mother wey dey very emotional say na she and her youngest child dey house wen she hear loud bang and dust wey follow and for her mind she say ‘na only God know wetin happun’ before all of a sudden one girl run enta di house dey cry before she break di bad news to her.

“I no go ever forget di moment wey di girl run enta house dey cry to explain wetin just happun, na moment wey break my heart.”

Di woman say before dem go pack woods for cooking inside bush wey become dia final activity, she no ever forget dia encounter dat monday morning.

“After dem wake up greet me in di morning, i ask dem to go fetch water and dem go do am without any argument before dem comot again to go find woods for cooking.”

For July 2020, BBC also report after 5 children wey dey play with explosive for farm also die when e blow.

All di five children belong to one family and na case wey at di time also cause plenti tok across northern Nigeria.

Abubakar Muazu na oga for Better Life for Children wey dey Kano and e tell BBC say time don reach for goment to take action because pipo no know when next e go happun again.

“You know children like play and anytime dem see objects wey dem no know di next thing na to use am play, wetin happun dey sad and we all know say dis no be di first time, goment suppose take action to clear all di discarded explosives for areas wey dem dey wage war against terrorism and banditry.”