Ndu torture: Cameroon army confirm say goment forces ‘torture’ young man

Cameroon army say deh lock goment forces weh torture young man until e go unconscious for Ndu- Donga and Mantung Division for Northwest Cameroon.

For February 11, video komot for social media, inside goment forces di torture one Jean Fai Fungong.

Eight goment forces take part for torture young man for know wusai e broda dey.

Two gendarmes, two soldiers and four policemen bi involved for de torture of Jean Fai Fungong.

Deh soak e wit wata, beat e wit cutlass for all side for e bodi, especially under e foot until e go unconscious.

For de video, deh say e no bi clear if de Jean Fai na separatist fighter.

But army for dia release say Jea Fai Fungong na suspected middle man, and separatist fighter.

“Defence minister order make deh lock de goment forces for Territorial Gendarmerie Brigade for Ndu Northwest region.

But no bi de only crime weh goment forces di commit as crisis di go on for Anglophone regions.

Na one year now weh soldiers and dia ‘friends’ bi kill 22 pipo, among dem 13 pikin dem for Ngarbuh.

But separatists too di kill, dis weekend deh kill four chiefs for Southwest Cameroon.

Anglophone crisis don enta four years and more dan 3000 pipo don die.