Ebola: [Ebola in Guinea] outbreak don make dem declare Ebola epidemic afta first deaths since 2016

An Ebola worker in Guinea - archive

Ebola dey spread through close physical contact wit infected people

Guinea don officially declare say dem dey deal wit Ebola epidemic afta three pipo die from di virus.

Dem – and four odas – bin dey sick wit diarrhoea, vomiting and bleeding afta dem go di burial of one nurse.

Officials tok say dem go buy new developed vaccines through di World Health Organisation (WHO).

Between 2013 and 2016 more dan 11,000 pipo die for di West Africa Ebola epidemic, wey bin start for Guinea.

Fordi way dem first respond to dat epidemic, wey mainly affect Guinea and im neighbours Liberia and Sierra Leone, dem do test and trial of plenti vaccines, wey bin dey successful to fight outbreaks for di Democratic Republic of Congo.

“Di WHO dey full alert and dey in contact wit di manufacturer [of one vaccine] wey go make sure say di necessary doses dey available quick quick to help fight back,” na so di AFP news agency quote Alfred George Ki-Zerbo, di WHO representative for Guinea.

Drugs dey wey fit increase di survival rate of patients.

How dis outbreak start?

One nurse wey dey work for health centre for Goueké, near di south-eastern city of Nzérékoré, die on 28 January and dem do her funeral four days later.

Some simple techniques can help prevent spread of Ebola.
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Community funerals, wia pipo go follow help to wash di bodi of pesin wey dies , fit be way to spread Ebola wen e dey di early stage.

Di bodi of victims dey very dangerous. Di incubation period fit last from two days to three weeks.

All di pipo wey dey infected for di funeral of di nurse dey over di age of 25, according to health officials.

As dem do crisis meeting on Sunday, di health ministry tok say all dem don isolate all di cases, dem dey do contact tracing and dem go set up treatment centre for Goueké.

How di kontris wey be neighbours wit Guinea dey react?

Dis new outbreak dey nearly for di same area wia di first epidemic start for December 2013.

As cross border trade dey between Guinea, Liberia and Sierra Leone, plus weak healthcare systems, pipo dey worry say di outbreak go spread.

Liberia President George Weah don put health authorities on high alert.

BBC tori pesin for Sierra Leone, Umaru Fofana, tok say bigger fear dey for Ebola dan for Covid-19 inside di kontri.

E follow say say some pipo mind dey at rest because of new vaccines.

Di three kontris get joint population of 22.5 million, wey dey make pipo dey say manufacturers no go get enuf time to produce enuf vaccines as pipo dey face vaccine production for Covid.

Experts don tok say to contain am na di key to fighting di disease. During di 2015 trial for Guinea – dem identify 100 patients and den dia close contacts and dem shaparly vaccinate dem or three weeks later.

Wetin be Ebola?

  • Ebola na virus wey at first go cause sudden fever, serious weakness, muscle pain and sore throat
  • E go come increase go vomiting, diarrhoea and both internal and external bleeding
  • People fit dey infected wen dem get direct contact through broken skin, or di mouth and nose, wit di blood, vomit, poo poo or bodily fluids of pesin wey get Ebola
  • Patients dey usually die from dehydration (lack of water) and multiple organ failure