Meet Shakiro [Cameroon Bobrisky] weh Douala court imprison for homosexuality

Popular Cameroon cross dresser, man weh e di dress laik woman don land for New Bell prison for Douala.

Shakiro don sleep one night for prison afta Douala, Ndokotti court of first instance accuse Sakiro and two odas of homosexuality.

For Cameroon law di punish homosexuality from 6 months to Five years. Also pay fine from Fcfa 20,000 to Fcfa 200,000.

Shakiro na Cameroonian man weh e di dress laik woman, and for e Facebook page e don tok say e di feel say e bi woman not man.

E bi don post picture some taim say e get belle.

For video weh e di circulate online, police catch three pipo one of dem, in black dress as pipo di tok for de video na Shakiro.

No bi de first taim, police don catch Sanrio for de kana life style weh e di live and no bi de only cross dresser for Cameroon. Anoda one na Motaze.

Social media di scatter wit tori for Shakiro e arrest.

Some pipo wanda for which side for prison deh lock de ‘star’ , woman or man side.

Even Nigerian online sites don tok about Sakiro as deh compare yi wit, Bobrisky.