Ngarbuh: Goment say deh give moni but family say na only promise, one year afta



Come Sunday, February 14, pipo for, Ngarbuh- Ntubaw for Northwest Cameroon go hold church service, for pray for de souls of de 22 pipo weh army bin kill for 2020.

Army and Fulani bin kill and burn house for Ngarbuh, investigate confirm afta say na army. Goment bi first deny say army no get hand for de killings.

Goment den promise for give correct burial, compensate families, but only go there two weeks ago.

For national television, Northwest governor, Adolphe Lele L’Afrique tok how deh give fcfa 80 million for families , 5 million each for build house and promise for dig and bury de pipo again.

Family for John weh deh bi loss nine pipo; mami and e pikin dem, and grand pikin, one weh about three months say de mark of de killings still dey.

“We try for move on, even as de scarce- marks of de tragedy still dey. ‘If we compare wit wound weh e bi don di dry, den e don open laik fresh wound”.

Before dis anniversary, governor, Adolphe Lele L’Afrique kam tok for pipo, but instead for fulfill de goment e promise, e tell pipo say deh wan dig bury de pipo again. “No bi we tradition for dig and bury” we tell goment.

“Goment say deh give fcfa 80 million, fcfa 5 million each for families weh dia pipo bi die, but goment only promise. Moni no fit buy life”, e add.

De kana justice weh we go want for victims, John tok, “Na punishment for killers”.

“Justice go fain, but e no go bring back de pipo, for dis kana atmosphere we no sure say we fit get justice. De only tin weh goment do na put up military camp for Ngarbuh”, John tok.

Dis family say Justice fit kam only under international tribunal afta independent investigate go force goment for answer for dis killing and many odas for Anglophone regions.

Families di doubt if deh go eva get justice for seka na only foot soldiers deh di try. Wusai de pipo weh deh order de killings, John ask.

Also, trial weh e start for de soldiers weh de arrest no bi open for media and deh de delay for hearing, e add.

Military court start hearing for de case for December 2020 no let media inside court and for de second hearing for January, adjourn to February 18.

According to pastor Bungo Eric weh e family too loss pipo, Ngarbuh now na empty- ghost village, pipo run away afta human rights publish investigate, military kam afta dem

Pastor di doubt if pipo go ever kam back for de village, add say dia feeling na say Fulani pipo wan chase villagers turn de area to cow grazing area. E go hard for pesin for go settle there because of de risk.

Ngarbuh no bi de only killings weh de shock pipo since 2016 wen Anglophone crisis turn to fight between goment forces and separatist fighters.

Kumba, Mautu, and de recent one weh deh burn pikin for house dey fresh for kontri pipo dia heads.

For pastor, Justice fit bi na to end de Anglophone crisis, make pipo live in peace.