Providus Bank: What next for PiggyVest, Monnify as Providus Bank shut virtual payment account



One Nigerian bank, Providus announce on Sunday say dem don close dia virtual payment services till further notice.

Di Bank advise customers to use alternative payment options as dia service no go dey available in di meantime.

Providus Bank dey popular wit Fintech mobile Apps wey dey offer online savings services and business transactions to customers across Nigeria.

Why Providus Bank shut down virtual services?

E no dey clear wetin make di Bank close dia virtual services as dem no mention am for di statement dem put out on Twitter.

But dis announce dey follow Central Bank order for all financial institutions for di kontri to remove hand from trading in Cryptocurrency as e dey against di financial law of di kontri.

Following dis announcement, some financial institution wey get partnership wit Providus Bank don release statement to informate dia customers on wetin go happun next.

Wetin go happun to PiggyVest

PiggyVest update new virtual account numbers for dia customers

Dem tok say dem received communication from dia Virtual Account Provider say di existing Providus virtual accounts dey currently inactive.

How to get PiggyVest new account number?

Simply login to your Piggyvest account –

Tap on di “New Virtual Account Numbers” banner

Create New Account Number.

Dem go generate new flex account number wey go instantly show on your account.

Your money go move from di fomer account number to di new one? Or you go need witjhdraw am and re deposit again?

PiggyVest say dis no go happun, say your money go remain inside your flex account.

PiggyVest na online savings and investment platform , formerly known as Piggy Bank, di financial instution dey offer invetment opportunities to users wey dey save money on di platform.

Wetin go happun to Monnify?

Di online payment platform say make dia customers no panic.

For inside statement wey dia management release to adress di news of Providus Bank shutting down dia virtual services, Monnify say dem go partner wit anoda bank before Wednesday.

And also promise to update dia customers on di new account numbers to use.

Monnify na payment gateway wey business entities dey use to collect money from dia customer directly.