Mathias Ekweremadu,: Wetin you suppose know about di Enugu Commissioner

Enugu state Transport Commissioner Mathias Ekweremadu don die,

Tok-tok pesin for di Enugu State Ministry of Transport tell BBC say im bin slump fall and die for di Enugu State House of Assembly.

E tok say nothing do oga Mathias for morning before im go di parliament wia e come die.

Who be Mathias Ekweremadu?

Commissioner Mathias Ekweremadu na di Senator Ike Ekweremadu wey be di former deputy president of di Nigerian senate.

Dem bin born oga Mathias for June 1965 for Aninri local goment for Enugu State.

E be 55 years old wen im die. E also bin marry and get four pikin but one of dem, im son Ugochukwu bin die for 2019

Oga Mathias bin dey Unversal Basic Education commission as member before.