Andy Jassy: Jeff Bezos replacement as CEO of Amazon na Andy Jassy – See im profile

Andy Jassy: Jeff Bezos replacement as CEO of Amazon

Andy Jassy don dey work for Amazon since 1997

Andy Jassy na di new CEO of Amazon E-Commercer company wey go replace Jeff Bezos wen im step down.

Dis na part of wetin di business founder Jeff Bezos announce on Tuesday say im go e step aside as Chief Executive Officer [CEO] of di online retail giant to serve as executive chairman for di board.

[Andy Jassy] But who be dis new CEO of Amazon?

Well Andy Jassy join di E-commerce company for 1997, di year wey di business go public.

Jassy tok say na di Monday afta im finish im final exam for Harvard business school na im e join Amazon and e bin no even know wetin im go do for di company.

Di new CEO of Amazon bin start to work with Jeff Bezos and technical assistant early for im career.

Andy Jassy bin help to develop Amazon Web Services, wey many pipo dey see as di money making engine of di company.

E don marry and get two pikin and e be part owner of a local sports team.