Onyejegbu Ifesinachi Jennifer: NDLEA catch woman wit ‘cocaine’ worth billions for Lagos

Onyejegbu Ifesinachi Jennifer, one 33 years old passenger wey arrive Nigeria from Brazil don chop accuse of di biggest single seizure of cocaine inside Nigeria in di past 15 years.

National Drug Law Enforcement Agency for Nigeria seize Cocaine and Heroine wit street value of ova N30billion for Murtala Muhammed International Airport for Lagos.

Dis dey come barely one week afta di new Chairman of di agency, General Muhammed Buba Marwa, vow to dismantle drug trafficking cartels across di kontri.

One of di seizures, na 26.840 kilograms of cocaine di biggest single seizure from one pesin for di past 15 years according to one top official for di agency.

Di seizure according to di official happen, “27 of January 2021, at about 13:20 hours, during di inward clearance of Ethiopia Airline passengers for di E- arrival hall of Murtala Muhammed International Airport, Ikeja, Lagos.

One female passenger wey her name be Onyejegbu Ifesinachi Jennifer, she be 33 years, wey arrive Nigeria from Sao Paulo, Brazil through Addis Ababa, wey NDLEA operatives intercept.

“As standard operating procedure, dem dey always profile all passengers to and from high risk kontries using di passengers manifest.

According to di agency, di suspect na target and tori be say dem take her to di NDLEA office for Airport, where dem search her bags thoroughly, and in dat process, dem find whitish powdery substances wey dem hide inside 16 pieces of duvet wey dey inside two of her travel bags.

Tests wey dem do for di substance confirm say na cocaine wey weigh 26.850 kilograms wey she confess to agree to smuggle for di sum of N2million but she no tok who her associates be.

Di seized consignment get street value of N21 billion.

Di official say dis dey come afta one similar incident wey dem record two days earlier for di airport, precisely on January 25, 2021 when NDLEA operatives declare one red left-over luggage for di E- arrival hall afta di inward clearance of passengers on Ethiopian airline.

Di seizure also get street value of over N7billion while di third seizure for di departure screening of passengers for di same airport on January 24, involve one Edosa Christopher wey dem do body scan wey prove positive for hard drugs ingestion.

Dem immediately transfer am to NDLEA/JBTF office for poo poo observation and im poo a total of 68 wraps of substances wey test positive for Heroin weighing 9950 grams.

Him tok during interrogation say im buy di substance from one Paddy for Eagle Rock Hotel around Ago Palace Way area but investigation reveal say dat hotel no exist anywhere for Lagos.

Di Chairman, General Buba Marwa (Rtd) don already hail di MMIA, Lagos commander, Ahmadu Garba and im team for dia efforts and following up on im directives for one meeting with all commanders in charge of di 36 States, FCT and special commands.