Abuja Orphanage Kidnap: Gunmen free orphans for Rachael Orphanage Home for Abaji

Abuja Orphanage Kidnap: Gunmen free orphans for Rachael Orphanage Home


Gunmen free orphans for Rachael Orphanage Home for Abaji, a week afta Abuja Orphanage Kidnap.

Di orphans wey dem kidnap a week a go from Rachael Orphanage Home for Abaji, Abuja don get dia freedom.

Di seven pikin dem wey be Elizabeth Andrew, Dayo Udeh, Jacob Ukpas, Melody Ijeh, Bernard Itim, Isaac Mathew and Laruba Emmanuel gain dia free dom on di 31 January.

Di FCT police tok tok pesin, Maryam Yusuf confam di tori and sources tell BBC Pidgin say dem land Abaji around 7pm.

And dem dey receive treatment for general hospital for Abaji sake of di way di gunmen torture dem, according to authorities.

Tori be say on Saturday, 24 of January, around 1:00 am, plenti gunmen wit heavy weapon bin attack di Rachael orphanage wey dey opposite UBE Junior Secondary School in Naharati, Abaji Area Council, Abuja.

Dem bin enta through di main gate and force di gate open.

Dem come rush straight to di room of di orphans and pick di ones wey dia hand reach- we no fit tell how old di pikin dem be.

Dem also kidnap four oda pesins from di community before dem leave.

How dem secure dia release?

One of di husband of one of di woman wey dem kidnap say di kidnappers bin reach dem to pay 10 million.

But as dem no get di moni, dem begin negotiate wit dem to reduce di moni.

Although e no tell us how much dem agree, but e say afta dem gada di moni, dem come send two pipo wit di moni to go meet di kidnappers dem.

Di messengers wey dey on bike find di kidnappers for Ahoko village for Koton-karfe local goment area of Kogi state north central Nigeria.

Abuja Orphanage Kidnap: Gunmen free orphans for Rachael Orphanage Home

Dis na di local community for Abaji wey gunmen kidnap orphans from

As dem give dem moni, dem come release di pikin dem plus di four odas dem.

But just like wahala be like bicycle, di kidnappers come still kidnap di woman wey join bodi for di rescue mission.

Na she bin cari di moni for di rescue of di orphans. Dem come also steal di bike of one di bike men.

Horror for kidnapers den

Dia trauma dey visible as dem lie for di hospital bed.

For nearly a week, dem dey inside bush dey waka here and dia witout beta food and sometimes dem no dey give dem water.

Family members of dos wey dem rescue say dia feets dem swell up sake of di plenti waka and dem dey weak.

Dem say dia experience be like horror film as di kidnappers di beat dem amd maltreat dem any how.

Police reaction

Abuja Orphanage Kidnap: Gunmen free orphans for Rachael Orphanage Home

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Di police tok tok pesin, Maryam Yusuf wey don confam di incident bin tell tori pipo wey di incident happun say di command don deploy men into di forest to ensure say dem rescue di victims.

But di truth be say di police no rescue di release of di either di orphans dem wey no get anybody.

Wen BBC Pidgin ask am how di rescue take happun for test message, oga Maryam no respond as she say she dey meeting.

Dis na di first time wey gunmen di attack orphanage for Abuja to kidnap small pikin dem for settle ransom.

Most local communities for Abuja don dey face kidnap mata and most times, sake of lack of effedtive response from di police, di villagers dey gada moni by demselves to pay ransom.

Dis, according to security sabi pesin go lead to rise of kidnapping activities for inside villages for Abuja despite dia closeness to seat of power.