School resumption in Nigeria update today: Akwa Ibom, Kaduna and Edo States set date for schools to resume

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After some hesitation, Akwa Ibom, Kaduna and Edo States for Nigeria don set date for schools to resume even wit di increasing cases of coronavirus.

Di three states bin go against Nigeria Ministry of Education initial date of January 18 for schools to resume for di kontri.

Den, governors and state commissioners for education bin tok say dem bin dey concerned about di preparedness of schools for dia states.

Now, like Kaduna state goment for Northern Nigeria tok inside statement, dem say dem don decide to okay di reopening of schools on 1 February, 2021 becos dem don “do extensive torchlight of di second wave of di pandemic and carry out series of consultations wit stakeholders.”

Nigerian southern states of Edo and Akwa Ibom also set 1 February, 2021 as di day schools go reopen for di state for second term of di primary and secondary school calendar.

But even though di states don decide to reopen schools, dem make some adjustments too.

Tanzania school don reopen


Kaduna State

For Kaduna, according to statement wey Phoebe Sukai, di permanent secretary for education sign; student for SS3, JSS3 and JSS1 for Public and Private schools go resume on Monday 1st Febraury, 2021.

Di goment also approve Primary 6,5 and 4, of private schools only to resume on di same day. All public primary schools go remain closed until all di Covid-19 protocols don dey in place before dem go reopen, na so di statement add.

Dem also tok say schools go dey in shifts to enable dem meet di guidelines as di first shift go run from 8am to 12noon while di second shift go start from 1pm to 5pm. Dem say di class size no suppose pass 20 students.

Kaduna state goment say dem go announce date for di resumption of other classes like SS2, SS1 and JS2 for public and private schools and primary 3,2,1 and Nursery classes if di schools follow di guidelines wey dey in place.

Akwa Ibom and Edo states

Both states don okay Monday 1st January, 2021 as resumption date for schools.

Edo State Government draw warning give all public-school teachers and head teachers to dey present for their various schools. As dem say failure to resume work go dey considered as forfeiture of salary as di goment don activate ‘no work, no pay policy.’