Nigeria Police Force News: Five laws wey di Police get against dia female officers

Female Police Officer

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Tori comot recently of say Ekiti State Police recently sack one female police officer wey dem dey call Olajide Omolola say she get belle wen she neva marry.

Dem quote Section 127 of di Police Act and Regulation against women police getting pregnant before marriage take sack am.

Well, tori be sa di Police currently dey run on laws from 1968 and plenti of dem dey discriminatory against women.

So dis na some of di laws wey di Nigerian police dey put on top women dia head.

  • Under section 128, women no fit wear jewellery wen dem dey on duty
  • Any woman wey don already marry or carry belle no fit serve her kontri as policewoman because di police force no go accept am
  • If female police officer wan marry, im must first write letter to ask permission from di Inspector General of Police (IGP) of wia im dey serve. Dis law for Section 124, dem say na for di police force to do investigation on di man.
  • Di female officer wey wan marry suppose don serve inside di police force for at least 3 years
  • Female police officer must put ‘W’ before dia rank to show pipo say im na woman.