Dschang accident in West Cameroon kill over 50, injure more dan 20 odas

Authorities for Cameroon say 53 don die and 29 dey hospital afta deadly road accident for Dschang Falaise, Western part of di kontri.

West region Govnor Awah Fonka Augustine say di cause of di accident for di road ontop hill na failed brakes and fogy weather.

Rescue mission di go on for komot oda die bodi dem for de motor.

Awah Fonka Augustine, tell BBC Pidgin say de accident happen for early morning around 3:30 am.

Travel agency 70 seater bus, weh e komot Douala to Dschang jam with truck weh e komot from Santchou. Since de truck carry fuel, e explode and de two cars catch fire, e add.

Governor say deh no fit identify de 22 pipo because of de burns, and de 29 for hospital get serious wounds and deh also burn.

Rescuer mission di still try for komot oda die bodi dem from inside de bus, weh e mean say de number for pipo weh die go go up.

No bi de first accident dis 2021 for Cameroon, but dis one bad say, pipo burn inside de motor.

Cameroon get small winding roads on top hills and dis condition di lead to accidents.

Some kontri pipo say make goment stop night journey, but odas say de solution na for build big roads.

More pictures from di scene of di accident: