Netflix Fate: The Winx Saga: Five things you suppose know about di series

Di Fate: The Winx Saga na Netflix original series wey start to dey show for di platform on Friday 22, January, 2020.

Already pipo don dey tok plenti tins about am even as e be like say e go cause big disagreement between pipo wey watch di show and tv critics.

Di show plot na about one girl Bloom, wey grow up for America, only to find out say she be fire fairy afta she bin burn her parents house.

Bloom later join di Alfea College to take learn how to use her powers.

Here be some tins you suppose sabi about di teen drama. We promise we no go spoil am.

Di series dey based on di Cartoon di Winx Club

Fate: The Winx Saga na adaptation of one popular animation of fighting fairies wey dem dey call Winx Club from Iginio Straffi.

Di Winx Club don even get Nickelodeon adaptation but many pipo think say Netflix na di one wey waka far from di source material.

Vampire Diaries get hand inside

You no go see di vampires and witches wey you know, but di producer of dis drama, Brian Young na di same pesin wey produce Vampire Diaries.

Harry Potter bits of the show

Apart from di whole premise of di show wey be like Harry Potter with female lead, di show use im characters to show say demsef sabi.

When di main character Bloom, meet her room mate Aisha, immediately dem ask which Hogwart houses dem go put dem sef inside.

Only one of di actors for di teen drama be teenager

Like most of di teen drama for Netflix, na mostly 20 sometins dem use shoot di drama wey be about teen fairies.

In fact na only Sadie Soverall wey act as Beatrix, wey be Alfea student, be teenager at 19.

Oda Netflix teen dramas wey be like Fate: The Winx Saga

Dem include Chilling Adventures of Sabrina, Riverdale, and Stranger Things.

Even sef, di lead actress of dis series, bin dey act for Chilling adventures of Sabrina.