Joe Biden reverse Trump Travel ban on Nigeria and oda African kontris – See list of US visa to apply for now

Murtala Muhammed Airport for Lagos, Nigeria

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US President Joe Biden do u-turn on some of former president Donald Trump immigration policies.

One US official say di travel ban na as a result of failures by di affected kontris to meet US security and information-sharing standards.

“Dis kontris, for di most part, wan dey helpful but for different reasons dem fail to meet those minimum requirements we laid out,” di then, acting Homeland Security Secretary Chad Wolf tok.

Hours afta im inauguration President Joe Biden sign executive order to lift di travel ban.

Citizens from Nigeria, Eritrea, Sudan, Tanzania, Kyrgyzstan and Myanmar dey blocked from obtaining certain types of visas except to visit di US as tourists.

Wetin be di rules?

Di US bin suspend issuance of visas wey fit lead to permanent residency for nationals of Nigeria, Eritrea, Kyrgyzstan, and Myanmar.

Sudanese and Tanzanian nationals bin no dey allowed to apply for “diversity visas”, wey dey available by lottery for applicants from kontris wit low rates of immigration to di US.

Dis also affect Nigeria wey account for di most immigration to the US.. Di ban affect America visa lottery.

According to US government statistics, di State Department issue 8,018 immigrant visas to Nigerians for di fiscal year 2018.

As US goment don suspend most immigrant and non-immigrant visas to applicants from dis African kontris dem make exceptions for students and those wey get “significant contacts” for di US.

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What Next as Biden reverse Trump visa rules?

Citizens of Nigeria and di oda African kontris now fit apply for visas wey go make dem stay permanently for di US.

Pipo wey don already get pending application before di ban fit continue di process or raise a new visa application.

Also pipo wey formerly apply for temporary visa to travel to di US as students, tourist or business owners get chance to extend dia stay as dem fit process permanent visa.

E get higher possibility say American visa lottery go resume.

When to begin apply for US visa?

It depends on di kontri wia you dey apply from and wetin di US consulate for dat kontri don tok regarding when to begin apply.

But di US State Department say in di coming weeks to follow di Proclamation issued by President Biden, di Department go develop a proposal to make sure say individuals wey dem deny dia immigrant visa applications on di basis of di suspension and restriction on entry imposed by Proclamation 9645 or 9983 say dem fit reconsider dia application.

• Di State Department say dem go develop a plan to make sure say visa applicants no dey prejudiced as a result of di previous visa denial due to tdi suspension and restriction on entry imposed by Proclamation 9645 or 9983 if dem choose to re apply for visa.

• Di State Department say dem dey committed to make sure dem meet di highest security standards wey dem need for visa applications and pursuant to direction from President Biden, dem go also develop a plan to strengthen international partnerships to help improve screening and vetting process.

• Dem also say interview wait times dey different and na based on location and also based on different COVID related limitations across di kontris.