CHAN 2020: Gunshots, military zone, na so kontri pipo di live CHAN for Buea

“CHAN 2020 no fit benefit business, and pipo weh deh wan enjoy football for Southwest Cameroon wit de present situation weh we di live”.

“Imagine say for 8:00 wen some games di play, all man don enta for house for seka military harassment. Fear di make all man sleep laik chicken. How we fit make business or enjoy football for dis kana military zone style”?

Dis na how resident for tori BBC News Pidgin how dey di live CHAN 2020 wit gunshots, and plenti military dey around laik say na military zone.

“For any kana reason you fit find your self for trouble wit de plenty military pipo especially for dis taim for CHAN. Even when you get national identity you no still safe”, anoda resident tok.

Residents tok how deh di live dis CHAN period afta heavy gunshots, for some hours for Molyko Buea, for sharp morning, till 6:00 am for January 18.

“De shooting last for more than 30 minutes. As na ghost town day, we only hear gunshots but no fit tok weti di happen as we remain only for house.

When ah later go outside afta 6:00am ah no get taxi for attend some radio programme so ah go back for house. Ghost town no bi hot again for Buea until now”, resident for Molyko add.

Buea/Limbe host cities for Group D for CHAN 2020, na one of de Anglophone crisis regions and separatist leaders laik Cho Ayala warn before say deh no wan de competition for dia region.

But, authorities put heavy security for ground around hotels, training grounds and motor dem for transport delegations and for town for make sure de competition go on.

Even president Biya tell FIFA President Gianni Infantino and Caf interim president Constant Omari say all tin dey for ground for ensure security.

Local authorities claim say de heavy security na for protect pipo and dia property especially delegations for CHAN 2020.

Na today Limbe go enta CHAN wit first group D games and fear dey for officials and staff sotei dey wan transfer training from Buea to Limbe. Separatist activities plenti for Buea pass Limbe.

Separatists declare January 19-23 lockdown for Fako- Southwest region and all man di wait for see how tins go waka.