Uganda internet blackout: African kontris wey dem don off dia internet before election

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Cases of kontris to dey block internet don dey increase

As Uganda dey vote for dia parliamentary and presidential elections, di Ugandan goment don do full internet blackout for around di kontri.

Internet Monitoring group NetBlocks tok say dem officially enta di blackout on Wednesday by 7pm local time.

Tori be say dia presido Yoweri Museveni bin approve am sake of say Facebook bin ban plenti accounts wey bin dey back im ruling party.

But no be only dem don block internet before as for 2019, dem block internet either partially or fully 25 times, according to Access Now, wey be independent Monitoring group.

Which African kontris don block internet?

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Ethiopia bin block for Tigray region too


Ethiopia shut down internet access across di kontri for June last year wey last almost one month on top kasala wey burst because of di killing of one popular Oromo singer and activist Hachalu Hundessa.


For January 2019, Zimbabwe block internet access to di kontri citizens ova violent protests wey come from di increase in fuel prices.

Wen courts rule for goment to stop internet restrictions, dem coem give demselves more power ova di internet.


For 2015, di Burundi goment cut off access to messaging services like Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter and Tango on top protest against president Pierre Nkuruziza wey bin wan run for office for third term.

Grahics on internet shutdown



Chad bin block access to social media sites like WhatsApp, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, and Facebook for over one year and three monthds ova plans by President Idriss Deby to contest for election wey go see am rule di kontri till 2033.

For dat period, online business dem start to dey operate with Virtual Private Networks (VPNs) to dodge di restrictions.


Actually internet shutdown happen two differnet times last year for dis kontri, for March during di legislative elections and for October before di preidential polls.


Tanzania bin block internet access for October 2020 during dia recent elections

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Tanzania block interne during dia election


For 2019, di military rulers for di kontri shut down internet access for di kontri afta protest to comot di military regime wey end di rule of long time leader Omar al-Bashir.

Oda kontris wey don block dia internet na Benin, Gabon, Eritrea, Liberia, Malawi, Mauritania, Togo, and Mali.