Bonny sea pirate attacks: Bonny Island pipo protest sea pirates attacks wit frustration and tears

Bonny sea pirate attacks: Frustration, tears as Bonny pipo protest sea pirates attacks for Rivers State, Nigeria


“Di way di sea pirates butcher my brother! Chai, e don reach make Goment, both Federal and State do sometin to stop am because we no know who go be di next.”

Dis na wetin Bright Ibifubara Banigo brother to Macdonald Ibifubara Banigo wey be one of di two pipo sea pirates kill on 5 January 2021 as dem dey return from Dema Abbey village to Bonny Island tok.

MacDonald Ibifubara Banigo, wey be former President, National Union of Bonny Students for Ken Saro Wiwa Polytechnic, Bori and Kingsley Tamunodienye Allison na di two pipo sea pirates kill on 5 January 2021 wen dem attack boat wey carry pipo from Dema Abbey village back to Bonny Island after dem go watch masquerade display dia.

Bright Banigo tell BBC Pidgin say di sea pirates kill im brother Macdonald Banigo and Kingsley Tamunodienye Allison because dem recognise one of di sea pirates wey attack dem.

“Dienye Allison bin recognise one of di sea pirates come say ‘you too follow dey do dis tin?’ So na dia dem use matchete begin hit dem. But as na night, pipo no see di pesin face as evribodi dey struggle to escape as di pirates order all of dem to enter di water.

On di 6 of January, we go di place wia di incident happen begin search for dem. Wen we find my brother im get deep cut for im head. Na dia we know say no be water kill am. Im die from di pirates attack.

Di body of Allison even worst pass sef because dem butcher am like cow, even break im spinal cord. We don bury dem according to our traditional way on 7 January.”

‘We no know weda our brother dey dead or alive’ – Tamuno Dan Jumbo

For Tamuno Dan Jumbo wey im brother Blessing Dan Jumbo dey missing since 24 November, 2020, dem no know weda im dey dead or alive as dem never hear from am since sea pirates attack di boat im bin dey travel come Bonny from Port Harcourt.

“My brother go buy goods for Onitsha dey return. Di last communication we hear from am na wen im dey jetty for Port Harcourt. We later discover say pirates attack dia boat for one place we dey call Platform. One woman wey know am tell us say im bin still dey di boat wen di pirates order dem to comot from di boat enter di water.

But di tin be say we never hear from am since dat day till today. We no know weda im dey dead or alive and nobody don contact us say dem im dey dia hand make we pay so so amount to release am, nothing! One time dem say dem see deadibody dey float around dat area, so we take boat go but no be im. We search di whole area from morning till night but we no see am. So we no know wetin to do, we just dey.”

Banigo 5: Even after we pay N15 million, we still never see dem.”

For Armstrong Allison wey im father Thompson Allison dey among di Banigo 5 wey sea pirates kidnap since 12 September 2020, as dem dey return from one burial for Banigo Isile-Ogono, dem still no know di fate of dia father.

Armstrong Allison tell BBC Pidgin say di kidnappers bin initially demand N150 million ransom but dem come negotiate wit dem to N30 million but even after dem pay N15million since November 2020 dem still never release dem.

“Di last time we tok to dem na November last year. But we no know weda dem still dey alive till now as we never hear any tin from dem. Na just God we dey pray to, evri morning na so we dey cry dey pray to God.”

‘We no know who or wia dem go attack next’

For Bright Ibifubara Banigo, if Goment hear di cry of Bonny pipo and stop di pirate attacks, im brother death no go dey in vain, as di pirates attack don escalate from di Port Harcourt – Bonny route to the creeks wey dey connect di villages for Bonny.

Di protesters dey demand both Federal and State Goment intervention to stop di piracy, kidnapping and killings as Bonny kingdom dey host many multinational oil facilities so dem dey make five point demand say make di authorities:

  1. Set up and maintain security house boats and gunboats wit an ambulance for strategic points along di Port Harcourt-Bonny sea route.
  2. Make Federal Goment, Niger Delta Development Commission (NDDC) and Rivers State Goment look into di Bonny Ring Road project to aid security for di island villages wey dey Bonny and set up community surveillance team for di sea routes.
  3. Make sure say boats and all traveling facilities or equipment (life jacket, engine, etc.) dey good condition and dey adequate for operations.
  4. Make dem do public profiling of all boat drivers and owners including di ones wey dey ply di village routes;
  5. Create compensation fund for victims of sea piracy.