Pope Francis “Christmas Message” and Urbi et Orbi Blessing for Nigeria, Cameroon

Pope Francis “Christmas Message" and Urbi et Orbi Blessing for Nigeria, Cameroon


Head of Roman Catholic Church, Pope Francis, use im “Christmas Message and Urbi et Orbi Blessing” take pray peace and reconciliation in Nigeria and Cameroon.

Pope Francis also pray same for Syria, Yemen, Libya, Nagorno-Karabakh [Ukrain], South Sudan, and healing from Coronavirus especially for American continent.

Di Holy father, also call on global leaders to make di Covid-19 vaccines available to di world.

All dis special Christmas message for family and friends dey inside Pope Christmas sermon, from di lectern inside di Vatican, wey BBC Pidgin monitor.

Pope Francis say: “In everyone, I see wetin be like di face of God, and inside those wey dey suffer, I see di Lord dey beg for my help. I see am in di sick, di poor, the unemployed, di pipo wey dem cheat, di migrant and the refugee.”

Di Pope offer im prayers and encourage all pipo to offer dia own prayers to remember di many children worldwide wey be victims of war, especially in Syria, Iraq and Yemen.

Di Head of Roman Catholic call on courageous efforts to work for peace there and throughout Middle East and Eastern Mediterranean

And inside areas wia armed conflicts and humanitarian crisis still dey continue, di Pope remember Burkina Faso, Mali, Niger, Ethiopia, Mozambique, South Sudan, Nigeria, and Cameroon and for di suffering to finally end.