NIMC Registration Portal: See wia Nigerians abroad fit register for dia National Identity Number

Nigeria goment don announce places dem for kontri pipo wey dey leave abroad to go register for dia National Identity number.

Di Chairman of Nigeria in Diaspora Commission Abike Dabiri-Erewa, tok dis one on Monday, 21 December.

“Nigerians abroad fit visit NIMC website for details of di agents wey dey accredited to register Nigerians abroad all ova di world,” na wetin she tok.

Dis dey follow di order wey Nigerian Communication Commission (NCC) give, to suspend mobile phone SIM cards wey no dey linked to NIN.

NCC bin give telecom companies two weeks deadline before dem suspend sim cards wey no get NIN.

But di Nigeria goment don extend di deadline for subscribers to take do di registration as pipo dey para say di process no smooth and for some places nobody dey follow di Covid-19 protocols.

Goment give three weeks extension for subscribers wey get NIN and six weeks for those wey no get to update afta pipo para say di 30 December deadline no go work.

Places abroad wia Nigerians fit register for dia National Identity Number

Wetin be NIMC ?

Di National Identity management commission na goment agency wey dem form for 2007 to maintain and manage di national identity database for Nigeria.

Na dia office dey handle di National Identification Number (NIN) na wetin Nigeria goment dey use establish di identity of every Nigerian.

Oda tins wey dem dey also use di NIN to do, na to get international passport to travel.