Chrissy Teigen: John Legend wife dey feel ‘sad say she no go ever dey pregnant again’

Chrissy Teigen for 2019

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Teigen bin document her pregnancy and stillbirth for social media

John Legend wife, Chrissy Teigen say she dey feel ‘sad say she no go ever dey pregnant again’ afta she lose her baby early dis year.

“I love to dey pregnant, well-well and I dey feel sad e no happun to me again,” Na wetin di US model write for Instagram.

She post one selfie foto wey show di baby bump.

Teigen wey dey 35 years lose her son, wey she and Legend name Jack, for September afta she suffer pregnancy complications and bleeding.

“Even though say I no dey pregnant again, every time I look mirror e dey remind me well-well of wetin e for be,” na wetin she write for her latest social media post.

She no really clarify for post why she no go dey pregnant again, and no to explain weda na her choice, or weda she no fit get belle or if doctors advise her make she no do again.

“I no know why I still get dis bump,” na wetin she add put. But I dey proud of wia dis journey carry my body and mind go”

Her husband, John Legend wey she get two children wit, reply di post wit five heart emojis.

Teigen, wey also be TV presenter, bin document her pregnancy and stillbirth for social media.

Afta she lose her baby, she tell her followers say she and her husband dey experience “di kind of deep pain you only fit use ear hear”.

Chrissy Teigen with John Legend

Di US model bin post pictures of her and her husband for hospital

For October she address di criticism wey she face for posting photos of her and Legend as dem dey mourn dia loss for hospital.

“These photos na only for di pipo wey need them,” Na wetin she write for blog post. “Wetin pipo dey think no concern me “