Buhari no show to address joint session of national assembly: Why di mata dey cause controversy

Nigeria president Muhammadu Buhari no show face for House of Representatives today afta lawmakers bin invite am to come answer question ontop security.

Wen lawmakers for December 1, 2020 resolve to invite president Muhammadu Buhari to come address dem on top di security situation for di kontri, kontri pipo conclude say na empty call and dat e go hard for presido to honour am.

But oga Buhari shock Nigerians wen news land say e don gree to address lawmakers on Thursday 10th of December.

Legislators for Borno state bin cari cry go di floor of di house come raise wan kain serious motion say make goment declare state of emergency plus make president Buhari appear before di house to explain to dem how e dey tackle security mata.

Dem also bin dey para on top how Boko Haram bin kill 43 rice farmers like chicken.

Di lawmakers bin dey vex say no wia dey safe and as e be now, dem gatz hear from di commander in chief.

After di president accept di invitation, Attorney General, Abubakar Malami say lawmakers no get any constitutional right to invite di presido to come address dem.

Buhari invite generate controversy

Few days to wen Buhari go appear before di National Assembly, some govnors under di APC for dia recent convention ask presido make no show.

On Wednesday, di Attorney General of di Federation and Minster of Justice, Abubakar Malami say di lawmakers no get any constitutional right to invite presido to come address dem on top security mata since dat one na di exclusive right of di president make e no make public security issues.

E say di president get to hold security issue wit confidentiality and dat di House of Representatives operate outside di constitution.

Wit dis gbege wey dey ground now, e no clear weda president Buhari go still visit di National Assembly or not.

Wetin go happun next?

If president Buhari decide to appear before di house, e go be di first democratic elected president since Nigeria return to democracy to honour dia invitation

House of Representative tok-tok pesin, Benjamin Kalu say na di best tin wey for happun for Nigeria as presido for sidon togeda wit lawmakers and dem for find solution togeda on di security mata.

More dan twenty years since Nigeria return to democracy, e dey dey hard for presidents to honour invitation to appear before di two chambers of di National Assembly

to brief dem about di state of di Nation.

Even since wen Buhari come power, di National Assembly don invite am plenti times but e neva appear once and so e bin dey surprising say wen members of di lower chambers invite am, presido shaperly agree to appear on Thursday 10th December.

How e go take haapun if to say Presido show

Although na di House of Representatives invite di president, e dey clear say e go be joint sitting as di senate go like wan take advantage of di situation to hear wetin goment get to tok.

Before presido go address dem, di lawmakers gatz meet to suspend all dia legislative work for di day to allow dem receive presido.

Secondly, leaders of di National Assembly go enta close door meeting wit president Buhari wia dem go get heart to heart tok beore dem enta di chambers for im address.

E go majorly focus im tok on top wetin di goment don do so far and dia achievement but one major questions wey opposition lawmakers go ask am na why e neva fit sack im service chiefs despite say di lawmakers don ask am make e remove dem.

Anoda hot topic na di procurement of arms.

Since na security mata and goment believe say e no good to tok openly about goment strategy, e dey clear say no be everytin goment go yan about for di floor of di house.

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