PCOS: Keke Palmer Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome struggle and oda celebs like Lea Michele, Harnaam Kaur wey don open up

American actress Keke Palmer don reveal say she get Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome, (PCOS).

On Tuesday, di star comot for inside social media to tok about di journey for her to find di diagnosis.

She bin tok about how her pimples bin lead am to find out wetin be di root cause of wetin bin dey do am.

She tok say na afta her colleagues bin even try give her money to fix am, she say she bin even go hospital, but dem bin no even see am as PCOS, say ‘one doctor cari measles vaccine give me.’


She tok say she begin to dey research her family on top say dem get history with diabetes and cari di diagnosis go doctor.

PCOS na hormonal sickness wey dey affect women of reproductive age.

Women wey get PCOS fit get irregular menstrual periods or plenty male hormone (androgen) levels, dis one mean say dem get plenty man blood for dia body.

Oda celebrities wey don comot say dem get di syndrome include

Lea Michele

Glee star, Lea Michele discuss her own journey with PCOS for 2019 say di side effects like weight gain and bad skin “fit dey brutal.”

Di mama of one, tok say she bin get diagnosis wen she bin dey enta her 30s. She say e hide because she bin dey take birth control.

She say with beta diet she don control am and say “her own sef no too bad, pipo dey wey worse pass me.”

Harnaam Kaur

Harnaam Kaur na PCOS patient wey her condition make her start to dey grow bia-bia as teenager.

For one interview, she reveal say she bin dey wax her face and e make her skin to dey rough and even sef parts of her skin go tear comot.

She don turn to body positivity activist and model say she no go allow her bia-bia to tiff her womanhood.

Emma Thompson

Emma Thompson suffer from infertilty and e bin dey very stressful to born her pikin, Gala.

She tok for interview say e bin dey pain her wella wen she see pipo dey waka with dia pikin dem.

Wetin be di symptoms?

  • Irregular periods or no periods, dis one mean say di ovaries no dey release eggs regularly
  • E dey difficult to get belle
  • plenty hair growth sake of to much testosterone hormone ( too much man blood)
  • weight gain
  • Oily skin and pimples
  • More dan half of di women wey PCOS dey affect no dey get any symptoms.

Source: NHS