Andhra Pradesh: India ‘mystery’ sickness put hundreds of pipo for hospital

A woman being rushed to hospital.

Hundreds have been admitted to hospital.

At least one person don die and 227 pipo dey admission for hospital sake of sickness wey authorities neva fit identify for India southern state of Andhra Pradesh.

Di patients get many different kinds of symptoms from feeling like say dem wan vomit to becoming unconscious, doctors tok.

Officials dey investigate wetin fit cause di sickness wey don spread throughout di town of Eluru for weekend.

Dis one dey happun as India still dey battle wit coronavirus pandemic as di kontri wit di world second highest number of cases.

Andhra Pradesh na one of di states wey dey worst affected, e dey number three position wit more dan 800,000 cases .

But, e no be like say na Covid-19 make all dis pipo dey admission during di weekend. Di state health minister, Alla Kali Srinivas, say all di patients test negative to coronavirus.

“Di pipo wey fall sick, especially pikin dem, suddenly begin to vomit afta dem complain say dia eyes dey burn, some of dem faint or suffer convulsion,” one medical official for Eluru Goment Hospital tell Di Indian Express newspaper.

A patient at hospital

Patients symptoms include vomiting and fainting

Oga Srinivas say di patients blood samples no show any evidence of virus infection.

“We rule out say no be water contamination or air pollution be di cause afta officials visit di areas wia pipo fall sick, ” im tok. “Na one kain mysterious sickness and na only lab test go reveal wetin e be.”

However opposition Telugu Desam Party don ask for enquiry into di mata as dem insist say na contamination cause di mysterious sickness.

Dem don discharge seventy pipo, while 157 still dey hospital, officials tok.

Di state chief minister, Jaganmohan Reddy, say dem don send special treatment team go Eluru to investigate di cause of di sickness.

Oga Reddy suppose also visit di town to meet di patients and dia families.