Regina Daniels husband: “I marry my sixth wife in three weeks, I fit marry anoda one” – Ned Nwoko

Ned Nwoko don tok say e take am three weeks to marry im sixth wife Regina Daniels.

Oga Nwoko tok dis one inside interview wit BBC Igbo wia im explain say im no gree say man and woman suppose date for long before dem marry.

“I meet her and I like her. We marry within three weeks. I marry all my wives within the same period. I no believe in dating anybody to marry them. No date anybody you wan marry. Wen you marry them, you go begin fall in love within di marriage. Even for my culture, as e be wen I be pikin for di 60s, pipo no dey date,” im tok.

Di Nigerian actress Regina Daniels and Ned Nwoko bin marry for 2019 and dem get one baby boy together.

Nwoko also add say Igbo tradition dey allow man marry plenti wives and say na oyibo pipo bring one man, one woman come wit Christianity.

“Whether I marry anoda wife or not, she (Regina) know say e fit happen. I come from very polygamous environment. I love pikin dem so I want more pikin. She know dis one and my oda wives know so we go see wetin go happen for future”, Nwoko explain.