Elliot Page: Canadian actor Ellen Page announce say e be Transgender

Elliot Page


Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and Marvel actor Mark Ruffalo na some of di pipo wey comot give Elliot Page big hand as she come out as transgender.

Di Canadian actor bin comot for social media to announce say she don change name from Ellen Page to Elliot Page.

E comot with statement wey say “im pronouns na he/they.”

Page also use di opportunity to tok about wetin dey do di trans community and e tok say “40% of trans adults don try to commit suicide.”

E promise trans pipo say e go do everitin wey im fit do change di world for beta.

Oga Page bin collect Oscar nomination for im role for Juno wia e bin act as pregnant teenager for 2007.

But also don collect plenti accolades for roles like Inception and di X-Men series and recently act for di Netflix series The Umbrella Academy.

Already, Netflix don change im name for dia series from Ellen to Elliot and say “we dey proud of our superhero”.

Na for 2014, Page come out as gay say e bin don tire to dey lie by omission.

Di 33 year old actress don already marry and don dey act movies since she be small pikin.

Meanwhile Oga Trudeau call am inspiring while Rufalo tell am congratulations.