Boko Haram attack farmers: ‘Massacre’ victims for Borno dia families narrate how e happun, Governor Babagana Zulum attend victims burial

“Among my 16 children, Musfau dey very special because na hardworking pikin wey dey helep us wella, im mother cry no be small because of wetin happun.”

Mallam Musa Zabarmani tell BBC.

Im son, 18 year old Musfau na part of di victims wey suspected Boko Haram kill on Saturday afta dem attack farmers for Koshebe town for Borno state wey dey north eastern Nigeria.

“We tell am bye-bye before e comot go di rice farm wia e dey work for owners and dem go pay am after but I no know say dat na di last time I go see am.”

“Anytime I look im mattress and belongings for room I dey feel very sad but how we go do, God don already destine everything.”

Mallam Musa say im pikin just finish SS2 for secondary school and dey look forward to im final year but na pesin wey always like side hustle apart from shool.

“Every year e dey go do farm work and from di money wey im get, dey assist di family and im mother since na her first born.”

“For many years now, anytime pipo go farm sometimes na run dem run come house but dis year many of those pipo die including my son.” E tok.

Labbo Tanimu also lose two children and 3 workers for im rice farm including Usman wey dey plan to marry soon.

“Dem kill five pipo for my farm including my two children, Musa and Usman, Musa na family man and Usman dey plan to marry very soon.”

“Our produce dey farm at di moment and we no fit go dia because of fear, make goment helep us end dis tin.” E tok.

Burial for victims

Borno state Governor, Babagana Zulum na im lead kinsmen and odas wey still dey in shock go di burial of 43 farmers wey di suspected Boko Haram militants kill.

Governor Zulum tok during di burial say e dey very sad say dem slaughter dis farmer as dem dey work inside dia farmlands.

“Our pipo dey in very difficult situations, dem dey in two different extreme conditions, If dem stay for house, hunger fit kill dem, if dem go farm, dem fit die for jaguda pipo hand.”

“E dey sad and we dey ask di federal goment to employ more of our youths for di CJTF and hunters for di Nigerian military and di Civil Defence to protect our farmers.”

“We no go lose hope because we have to dey hopeful about ending di insurgency” Zulum tok.

Dem tell di Governor say investigation still dey go on to know di number of pipo wey die for di attack.

Meanwhile, Nigerian president, Muhammadu Buhari, don condemn wetin e call di senseless killing of more than forty farmers inside Borno State, North-East of di kontri.

President Buhari tok say di whole of Nigeria dey shocked by di attack wey suspected Boko Haram Islamist militants carry out.

How di attack take happun

Rice farmers remove weeds on a rice field outside northern Nigerian city of Kano on July 4, 2017.

Getty Images

Local officials tok say di migrant labourers bin dey harvest rice wen di attack take place on Saturday.

Borno state Govnor Babagana Zulum say e take eye count at least 34 farmers.

As at Monday morning, residents of di town tell BBC say e get pipo wey still dey miss and some soldiers just arrive to follow dem go bush to go find some pipo or corpses wey dey miss.

According to reports, di attackers tie up di agricultural workers and cut dia throats inside one rice-farming town near Maiduguri, di capital of Borno state

BBC tori pesin report say Boko Haram don bin attack farmers before, on top say dem dey suspect say di farmers dey pass information give di military.

Last month, Boko Haram fighters kill 22 farmers wey dey work on irrigation fields for two separate incidents.

Saturday attack na one of di worst by Boko Haram in recent years and as pipo dey fear to go farm, many analysts dey tok say dis fit affect availability of food for di area and neighbouring places.