Ghana Election 2020: EC Voters List exclude ‘Special Voters’ like Police, military, media from 7 December Election – Dis be why

Ghana Election 2020: Voters List 2020

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Ghana Election 2020 wey go hold on 7 December go exclude Ghana Police, military, media and ambulance workers.

Ghana Electoral Commission say people like police, journalists, ambulance workers be special voters so dem no go fit vote on December 7.

Dis be because Ghana Electoral Commission [EC] publish list of people who go fit participate in Special Voting on December 1, 2020.

De Electoral Commission of Ghana make dis provision available for electorates [Special Voters] who dey perform special duties like police, armed forces, ambulance service, journalists den few others.

Ghana Election 2020: Voters List 2020


EC however caution applicants wey register to participate in special voting say if dem fail to vote on December 1, dem no go fit vote on 7 December.

“Applicants for make sure say dem take de necessary steps to verify dema details to avoid losing dema right to vote since EC no go allow dem vote on December 7,” Ghana EC reveal for press statement inside.

Despite say EC go collect dis votes, dem no go declare de results until December 7 elections happen.