Blasphemy: Kano singer lawyer wan make High court trowey Sharia death sentence judgement

Di lead counsel wey dey defend singer Aminu Yahaya Shariff, Kola Alapinni tell Kano High Court for northern Nigeria on Thursday say make e trowey di Sharia court judgement wey sentence im client to death by hanging for August 10th 2020.

Singer Yahaya dey Kano prison since August 2020 after authorities gbab sake say e tok wetin no good about Muhammad (SAW) wey prophet for islam.

“Nigerian law dey above any oda and as such we wan make dis honourable court trowey di judgement wey Sharia Court give wey sentence Aminu Shariff to death.”

“Dat judgement violate section 36 of di Nigerian constitution wey give freedom of thoughts and also anoda thing be say our client no get fair hearing for dat judgement.”

For hearing of di case, Aisha Mahmud wey be lead counsel for di respondent team tok lsay make di court trowey di appeal wey Yahaya Aminu lawyers file and uphold di one wey Sharia court give 3 months ago.

“For our side wetin we want na for di court to trowey dis appeal wey dem bring and uphold di judgement wey di Sharia court give earlier.” Dis na wetin Barrister Aisha Mahmud tok as she dey comot from court.

Di court say dem go announce day for judgement for di case and go serve both set of lawyers


Di court say dem go announce day for judgement for di case and go serve both set of lawyers.

Di singer no appear for court as according to tok tok pesin of Kano Prisons Musbahu Lawal there’s no need na why dem no bring am come.

“Since na appeal there’s no need to bring am come court na im lawyers go do all di work on im behalf from here to supreme court.”

After di court session Barrister Alapinni say for di second case wey involved 13 year old Umar Faruk wey chop 10 years for blasphemy dem go try to see say court trowey dat one too.


Barrister Kola Alappini say make court trowey Sharia court judgement wey sentence im client Yahaya to death


Barrister Aisha Mahmud wey dey di oda side say make court trowey di appeal