‘Chief Security Officer of Nigerian Embassy in Berlin Germany’ chop suspension sake of sexual accuse – Dis na di full gist

Di Nigerian Embassy for Germany don suspend one of di staff and promise say im go face di law if im dey guilty of sexual abuse.

Dis dey com afta one video circulate for social media wey suggest say dis staff wey social media users describe as [Chief Security Officer of Nigerian Embassy in Berlin Germany] dey ask for sex in order to perform im official duty.

For di video, di staff wey di embassy no gree mention e name dey looked shocked witout pant except for one white shirt- and di voice wey dey di video dey shout, “Mr Martin, your time don dey up” wey mean say im cup don full.

Di embassy say im action dey irresponsible and dat e dey against di embassy policy for pesin to demand sexual favours in return for official duties.

And dat dem suspend am for oda serious criminal activities until di investigate don finish for di mata.

Di embassy for twitter also say di disciplinary committee do begin investigation on top di mata and dat dem go make sure say them chook eye for di mata sharp sharp to get justice.

And dat anyone wey dey guilty, go face di law.

Di Nigerian ambassador to Germany, HE Yusuf Tuggar say di embassy get zero tolerance policy on top abuse of office expecially sexual misconduct and dat di embassy go use all im resources to investigate di mata and oda abuses wey di disciplinary committee set up.

How di Nigeria Embassy security staff end up for Hotel

Di security staff na local recruit by di Nigerian embassy. Dis one mean say dem employ am for Germany to work as security pesin.

Im na support staff wey di epp di oda consular staff for di embassy.

E don dey work for di embassy for 15 years now.

Di tori be say one woman bin come di embassy to come renew im passport.

Dem tell am say im resident address no correct and dat e dey fake but di girl argue.

Di embassy staff come send am back to oga Martins wey confirm say tru-true di address dey fake.

E come ask di girl to go house go change di address but for evening e come call di girl and ask am if dem fit meet for hotel.

Di first time, e sleep wit her but ask her say she don already work on di passport and dat make she come collect am di following day.

But as day break, e ask di girl make e still meet am for di hotel, but di girl dis time tell her friends and dem land di hotel.

As oga Martin dey prepare for show, na so dem come land for im hotel.

Di shocked Martin say im no force di girl but toast am and dem agree before di kerewa happun.