How Nigeria [Federal Government] dey treat “EndSARS protest” promoters like say dem no legit

From freezing of bank accounts, to seizing of international passport plus some kain arrests wey dey happun for different parts of Nigeria, don make plenty questions dey fly for pipo mind regarding wetin dey happun between di goment and some of di pipo wey bin dey very active di ENDSARS protest.

Since di ENDSARS protest turn katakata, some kain tins wey di Nigeria goment dey do to some of di main characters during di nationwide protest fit make one wonder, goment dey clampdown on di protesters?

Aisha Yesufu, one of di women wey bin dey for di front of di ENDSARS protest from di very beginning say, we fit see all ova di place wetin dey go say clampdown dey happun.

“We don hear cases, how two young Nigerians chop arrest becos na dem be WhatsApp admins during the protest.

November 10

Di federal goment through di Central Bank of Nigeria, freeze di account of 20 ENDSARS campaigners afta dem tell Federal High Court for Abuja say di moni wey dey di account get link wit terrorist activities.

Di CBN bin don freeze di accounts since second week of October before dem go court to get order to freeze di account.

“Wen CBN become expert for terrorism? See boko haram dem neva fit do anytin about am,” Aisha tok.

November 10

Di kontri Corporate Affairs Commission, cancel di registration of Enough is Enough business name wit immediate effect.

Enough is Enough na join bodi for Nigerian youths wey dey promote beta governance and political accountability, dem bin actively put out informate during di protest.

November 1

For di first week of November one of di activists Moe, wey bin follow provide free lawyer service to help peaceful protesters wey police arrest illegally, try to travel out of di kontri but Nigeria immigration seize her international passport for airport dia.

Goment authorities no allow her travel, even though dem say di kontri no get any no-fly list and dem no prevent any protester from leaving di kontri.

She don collect her passport since on 9 November.

BBC Pidgin try to reach her before dis tori comot to know weda dem still ban her from leaving di kontri, but she no reply.

Popular human right group Amnesty International, dey very loud for dia condemn di attack on innocent protesters and organisers since di beginning di EDSARS protest.

Dey continue to insist say “peaceful protest na human right.”