Why Nigerians dey para for Federal goment plan to borrow $1.2bn from Brazil

Nigeria goment tok recently say dem wan collect loan of $1.2bn from Brazil to finance agricultural programmes for di 2021 budget.

Di kontri Minister of Finance, Budget and National Planning, Zainab Ahmed, na she tok dis one during one meeting with di House of Representatives Committee on Finance inside Abuja.

She add say dem don send di request to di National Assembly to approve di loan from di Brazilian goment and dis money go address mata wey concern agriculture and acquire 100,000 hectares of land for each state for food production.

But Nigerians don enta social media to drag di goment on top di plan to borrow from Brazil wey dem say na “third world kontri” too.

One tweeter user tweet give Brazil goment news say make dem no borrow Nigeria money;

“If need be, please no give any loan to dis present Nigerian goment .We di citizens no need loan, We get abundant Natural and human resources …I no think we don finish paying di loan wey we collect took from China .Thank you.”

Anoda say; “Whoever know Brazil goment need to kindly reach out and beg dem not to borrow Nigeria goment any money, these leaders dey drown my unborn children for indebtedness.”

Anoda Òkwuté tweet say; “President Buhari goment claim say dem don disburse billions of naira to Nigerians during Covid-19 shut down, dem don borrowed ova $60B in six years and nothing to show for am. Now, dem want anoda $5B for broadband and $2B from Brazil. Bro!!! I dey cry.

One Gabriel Christopher tweet say “I no understand !! So Nigeria go just wake up one morning and declare loan day? Nigeria dey ask Brazil for loan? Nawa!”

Folsmith tweet say “If we no fit pay Brazil back dia money, make dem just seize our football national team.”

Adeyemi of Eruwa twet say; “So my kontri dey look for loan from Brazil? I no go surprise if dis kontri want loan from NIGER..shame, shame, shame”