SWAT: Check out di kain training officers dey receive for Nasarawa camp

SWAT officers for training for Nasarawa state

SWAT officers for training for Nasarawa state

Police Mobile Force Training College for Eggon, Nasarawa state dey full wit activities as 420 SWAT officers dey do dia training for dia.

Di police authority bin establish di Special Weapons and Tactics Unit (SWAT) for 13th of October to take replace di Special Anti-robbery Squad (SAR) afta dem band dem make dem operate again.

Sake of say young pipo enta street to demand make goment end di operation of di Special Anti-Robbery Squad sake of dia brutality.

Di oga kpata-kpata of police, Mohammed Adamu say di SWAT officers go start training immediately next week afta e announce dia formation

Personnel from di Police Commands for south-east and south-south go do dia training for di Counter-Terrorism College, Nonwa-Tai, Rivers State.

Those from di north and south-west go train for Police Mobile Force Training College, Ende, Nasarawa State and Police Mobile Force Training College, Ila-Orangun, Osun State.

How many officers dey Nasarawa state:

Na since on di 18th of October 2020 na im SWAT officers begin dia training for di Police Mobile Force Training College.

Na about 650 pipo na dem come for di job but afta psychological and medical screening, dem screen away 230 pipo and but 420 qualify.

Di training centre dey train officers from 13 state command .

SWAT officers for training for Nasarawa state


Whick kain training dem dey go through?

Before you join di Nigerian police you must go through thorough training.

Wetin we hear na say dis SWAT officers dia training even tough pass as dem di go through both academic and operations training.

Dem train on how to use gun as well as unarmed combat training.

Dia training gatz last for three weeks and afta dat dem go deploy dem to go do dia job.

SWAT officers for training for Nasarawa state


Dem go wia different uniform?

According to info, di new police unit go wear different uniform.

Di Minister of Police Affairs, Muhammad Dingyadi wey go visit di new SWAT team for dia training camp for Nasarawa say make dem try to be good role models for di society.

Oga Muhammad ask dem make dem also learn to uphold human rights of citizens as dem go out to do dia work.

E say all dia training na to make sure say dem face di challenges of armed robbery and oda crimes wey boku for di kontri.