Oyigbo Rivers state news: Latest on wetin dey happun for di area

Pipo tanda for motor park for Port Harcourt


Days afta Rivers State goment declare 24 hours curfew for Oyigbo local goment area, and residents say di area don calm small as at di morning of 3 November 2020.

Victor Bassey wey dey stay for Komkom area tell BBC Pidgin say dem neva hear any gunshots as e bin dey before but security agents still dey patrol di area.

Rivers State goment bin declare 24 hours curfew for di local goment area and oda parts of Port Harcourt City after violence scata End Sars protest on 21 October, 2020. Goment blame suspected members of di Indigenous Peoples of Biafra (IPOB) come result in di burning down of three police stations and Court premises for Oyigbo.

Soldiers and three policemen die for di gbege.

By 28 October, Governor Wike come lift di curfew for parts of Port Harcourt but say di 24 hours curfew go still continue for Oyigbo.

But since dat Wednesday, tension don increase for di Oyigbo area as many pipo wey dey live dia begin run comot sake of say security pipo begin patrol di area to enforce di curfew.

Pipo tanda for motor park for Port Harcourt


Wetin happun for Oyigbo?

Plenti tori bin full social media about military action for Oyigbo.

But we no fit verify most of those claims.

Charles Akah wey dey live for di area, bin tell BBC Pidgin say na inside house dem dey since di Rivers State declare 24 hours curfew on 21 October, 2020.

“Army pipo dey arrest young boys na wetin we hear so pipo dey fear to comot for dia house.”

We no fit go withdraw money or even buy sometin so tins hard. Make goment look dis matter gain.”

vehicle wey burn down for Oyigbo, Port Harcourt


‘I run comot’

Anoda pesin Bani Jackreece tell BBC Pidgin say na around 4am for morning on Sunday 1 November, she find way run comot for di area as she no feel secure to continue to stay dia.

Jackcreece say since di state goment continue di curfew for di area, soldiers and security pipo for di area no dey allow dem come out and now tins dey difficult for pipo wey dey stay dia.

“We hear say security pipo dey go round arrest pipo wey dey involved for di End Sars violence wey happen for Oyigbo wey result in di burning down of police stations and court premises dia.

Tins dey hard as pesin no fit come out to go withdraw money for ATM or even go buy sometin chop because if di security pipo see you come out, dem go drive you go back. Hunger dey because pipo no prepare at all,” she bin lament.

Police vehicle wey burn down for Oyigbo, Port Harcourt

Some vehicles wey bin burn down during di EndSars violence for Oyigbo on 21 October, 2020

Police response

Police tok tok pesin for Rivers State Police Command Nnamdi Omoni bin tell BBC Pidgin say im no dey aware of any arrests wey happen dia as nobody report give dem but say security operatives wey dey enforce di curfew don bring relative calm for di area.

Efforts to reach Maj. Charles Ekeocha, di tok tok pesin for 6 Division Nigerian Army for Port Harcourt as tori comot say army dey do house-to -ouse search dey arrest pipo, no dey successful.

Wetin go happun next?

Rivers State Governor Nyesom Wike announce say di State Security Council go meet to take decision on wetin dem go do next for Oyigbo.

Many pipo dey expect say di goment go lift di curfew as many pipo wey dey live and do business dia say tins hard for dem as dem no get light and dem no fit come out come buy food or withdraw money sake of di curfew.

Meanwhile, Rivers State Police Command don parade four suspects wey allegedly loot Afam Police Station during di attack on some police stations for Oyigbo on 21 October 2020.

Afam Police Station na one of di three police stations dem burn down for dat attack, wia six soldiers and three policemen die.

But di four suspects deny say dem directly participate for di destruction of di Oyigbo police stations but say dem keep some of di looted items wey include 21 inch television set, radio speakers and police uniforms.