Kim Kardashian: Kanye West bring her papa to life as hologram

You remember for Lion King, when Mufasa come for sky to tell Simba to remember who e be? Well Kanye West use style recreate di moment for im wife, Kim Kardashian West for her 40th birthday as im create hologram of her papa wey don die since 2003.

Di reality star enta social media to share di moment wey she call “di most thoughtful gift of a lifetime”

Di video show as Robert Kardashian Sr. bin dey tell her say e dey watch over her everiday and even follow am crack jokes and dey dance.

She tok say di hologram bin dey very lifelike and na “special surprise from heaven”.

Robert Kardashian, wey bin dey work as lawyer, become popular wen im work for OJ Simpson for im murder case in di 1990s.

Kim Kardashian bin dey 22 wen her papa die of cancer and she tok say e bin mean a lot to am and her sisters and her brother, even her mama join, even as she say she watch di hologram plenti times.

For di hologram, e call Kim say she be amazing mama and im build firewall around di family.

Earlier dis week, dem bin yab Kim for social media say she cari her family go private island for her birthday.

Di family don announce say, Keeping Up With The Kardashians, di show wey make am popular worldwide, go end next year afta 20 seasons.