Police arrest 11yr old wey follow #EndSARS looters attack Oba Market police station, collect Sergeant uniform wear dey cell

One 11yr old boy wey attack police station, collect Sergeant uniform wear dey cell for Edo State southern Nigeria wia e dey tell dem wetin e sabi about di police station wey dem loot.

Di boy wey join hoodlums wey hijack di EndSARS protest go attack one police station for di state and wear sergeant uniform.

Di police tok-tok pesin for Edo state police command, SP Chidi Nwabuzor tell BBC Pidgin di 11 years old boy dey among some hoodlums wey break enta one warehouse to loot tins and e wear one police sergeant uniform for di time wen dem arrest am.

Some local media tori bin report say di 11 years old boy dey among hoodlums wey invade Oba Market Police Station and na afta di attack e wear di police sergeant uniform and declare imself di Inspector General of Police (IGP).

Concerning dis local media report, oga Nwabuzor confam say true-true di boy dey among di hoodlums wey go attack Oba Market Police Station but…

“We catch am wearing police uniform wey get di rank of a sergeant, dat na all I know. Tori pipo fit write wetin dem wan write to capture di mind of pipo wey go buy dia paper. Wetin I sabi be say, we found di 11 years old boy wearing a police sergeant uniform.”

Foto of di boy as e wear di police uniform sitdon for ground don full social media but oga Nwabuzor tok say Edo state police command no parade di 11 years old boy among di suspected hoodlums wey dem parade on Thursday because of im age.

“As a mata of fact, you know say dem no dey trial juvenile (dat na pikin wey neva reach 18 years) for open court, so also apply to wen police dey parade suspect- we no dey parade suspect wey dey under dis category.”

Di police tok-tok pesin say dem go hand ova di 11 years old boy to di correctional juvenile centre as na di normal procedure for pesin wey neva become adult.

Hoodlums alias Jaguda pipo bin hijack di #EndSars protest to stop police brutality. Di jaguda pipo come use dis opportunity to break enta prisons, police stations, warehouse etc to comot havoc for di state.

Police for Edo say di hoodlums burn down police stations, tiff arms and ammunition, rape women for some areas, kill policemen, freed convicted criminals and prisoners, loot businesses and extort innocent Nigerians.