Nigeria Air Force arrest officers for ‘flogging video’ for Ilesha, Osun State

Di Nigerian Air Force don arrest officers wey bin get hand for one video wey bin show beating of pipo for Ilesha, Osun State, South West Nigeria.

Di Air Force wey tok on Wednesday say dem no dey allow any corporal punishment because evri suspect dey innocent till dem prove am guilty for court, even as dem call di act human rights violation.

Dem announce dis one for statement say dem catch all di officials wey bin dey di video.

And dem keep di arrested sojas for close arrest pending wen dem finish investigation.

Di investigate go see how far dia hand dey for di flogging video so dem go fit judge dia punishment well.

Dis dey come as video wey go viral on Tuesday, October 27th bin show members of force bin dey flog pipo for Ilesha inside doti water say dem miss curfew for di state.