Cameroon Anglophone crisis: Pope Francis speak on Kumba attack & killing of school pikins

Pope Francis on Kumba killings


Head of di Catholic church world wide Pope Francis don condemn de killing of seven pikin dem for Kumba, South West region of Cameroon.

Pope Francis tok afta gunmen, on top motorcycles, wit guns attack Mother Francisca International Bilingual Academy for Kumba, Southwest Cameroon, for October 24 wia dem kill di school pikins wit 12 odas weh deh di still struggling for dia lives for hospital wit wounds.

“Ah di condemn dis wowo act for kill young innocent pikin and I pray for dia souls, make dis kana tin no happen again”, Pope Francis tok for yi declaration.

Pope also pray say make Anglophone crisis get final solution and make peace return for de regions.

Kumba deh part of di towns wey don deh badly hit by di Anglophone Crisis for Cameroon wey don claim many lives and displace thousands of pipo.

Kumba killings na just one of many for Anglophone regions, since weh crisis start for 2016.

Just now, UN figures show , 600,000 pikin nova go school for more than three years, teachers di suffer kidnappings and killings, for seka de crisis.