Buhari speech on End SARS protest make Feminist Co hang boot and give account of N147m money dem raise

End SARS protesters hold placard

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File foto from 18 October as End SARS protesters hold placard for Trafalgar Square in London

One group wey dey at di forefront of di End SARS protest coordination for Nigeria don comot with open account of di donation money wey enta dia hand.

Di Feminist Coalition, as dem call demsef, on Thursday night announce dia decision to wash hand comot any further protest afta di kontri president Muhammadu Buhari ask youth to stop street protest and constructively engage goment to find solutions.

Dem ask pipo not to donate money join di N147m ($385,000) wey dem don already collect wey well meaning Nigerians, and supporters of the movements both here and internationally contribute.

Di group say following di address of Nigeria president Muhammadu Buhari, wey no mention di Lekki shootings, but give backing to curfews across di kontri, make pipo no comot do protest again for dia own safety.

Di group say di #EndSARS protesters across di kontri bin maintain peaceful stance for dia demonstrations and show high sense of responsibility but di way di mata be now dme dey fear for d safety of di pipo and especially di safety of di coalition members.

As for di N147,855,788.28 dash money wey pipo in support of #EndSARS donate, dem say dem spend about N60m within di last two weeks, according to di statement dem release for social media.

Breakdown of wetin dem go do with di money wey remain:

  • Treatment of protesters wey wunjure – N20,114,087.25
  • Legal support – N15,741,459.59
  • Support money for family of those wey kpai – N40,228,174.51
  • Memorial for di dead – N5,247,153.197
  • Pipo wey dey suffer mental issue from protest – N6,121,678.73

Who be Feminist Co?

Dem describe demsef as coalition of feminist women wey get vision of Nigeria wia equality for all people inside di laws be reality for everyday lives.

Dem say dem decide say dia first project go be to help fight injustice by raising funds in order to sustain the peaceful End SARS protests and ensure di safety of Nigerians wey dey exercise dia constitutional rights.

Dem provide food, water and oda refreshments, masks, medical aid, unarmed security, information and legal aid for protesters.

Dem say now dia plan na to return to dia original mission wey be to further di rights of Nigerian women through 3 pillars, women’s rights & safety, financial equality for women and legislative power for women.