TVC news station fire: Hoodlums burn Television Continental office for Lagos

Hoodlums attack Television Continental, TVC office building for Ketu, Lagos area of Nigeria.Dem burn equipment and cars.

One of di staff wey dey inside tell BBC say some pipo don escape go outside while some still dey inside.

Pipo start to notice say something dey off wen di TV station suddenly go off wen Morayo Brown wey dey present Your View tok on air say hoodlums dey di gate of di office.

See di monent before di TV station go off air.

One of di presenters wey bin dey di show with Morayo Tope Mark-Odigie later do vidoe of how dem burn di building down.

“Dem don burn everything, di entire building dey on fire, dem burn all our cars, my car and Morayo own dem burn am completely di building right now dey on fire.”

See how dem attack.