Indian man dem rescue from mortuary freezer don die

Salem freezer

Mistakenly, dem bin declare say Oga Balasubramanyam don die come put an for mortuary.

One 74 year old man wey dem mistakenly declare dead come put am for mortuary freezer for Tamil Nadu state, don die some days afta dem rescue am.

One hospital bin declare oga Balasubramanyam dead on Monday afta dem cari am reach dia. E no clear wetin bin happun to am.

Dem put am for freezer until di next day wen di mortuary attendant bin come collect im bodi for burial na im dem see say di baba dey shake, na im dem take sabi say im dey alive.

Dem cari am go anoda hospital but im die on Friday.

Di dean for di goment hospital wey dem cari am go for southern city of Salem, Dr Balajinathan, say di patient bin dey drowsy wen dem bin admit am afta dem rescue am and im die of lung problem.

Im tell BBC Tamil say e no clear exactly how many hours oga Balasubramanyam bin spend inside di freezer.

No medical certificate

Afta doctor for one private hospital first declare di baba dead on Monday, im family cari im bodi go home, den call mortuary pipo to bring freezer box.

Den dem inform relatives to come for burial wey dem plan to hold on Tuesday.

Di funeral company say oga Balasubramanyam broda bin tell dem say im get “signed letter from doctor about im death.”

Salem police chief Senthil Kumar, say di family neva fit produce di medical certificate for im death.

Dem don register case against di family for “acting rashly or negligently to endanger human life”.

Di family also claim say im bin dey suffer from neurological problems, di police chief tok.

Oga Balasubramanyam bin live wit im wife, two daughters and im broda.

E neva clear how im take survive inside di freezer wit cold temperature – or weda dem dey investigate di private hospital wey bin declare am dead.

BBC dey try contact di hospital and di family, but none of dem don comment, and di doctor wey first declare di patient dead neva tok pim.