Twitter down: Jack Dorsey Twitter explain shut down wey happun last night

Twitter down

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If your Twitter dey down, dis na wetin happun: Dis social networking site [Twitter] been shut down for many of you and Twitter say dem don dey work to get am back up and running for everyone.

Tori be say Twitter bin experience some trouble with dia internal systems and di social media platform say dem neva get any evidence of a security breach or hack.

Social media users for Nigeria wey dey champion di #EndSARS protests for Twitter begin wonder weda di platform dey down for Nigeria?

Yes since about 10pm Thursday until about 2am Friday 16 October Twitter no work for many users inside di west African kontri.

Jack Dorsey Twitter

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Jack Dorsey na Twitter oga

Di Twitter shut down na system change wey happun earlier than planned na im cause am, affecting most of dia servers.

Most of una go return back to Tweeting, according to Twitter wey post message say dem dey work hard to bring Twitter back to normal and expect things to be fully resolved in 1-2 hours and appreciate users patience.