Nigerian Police SWAT team: Nigeria police SARS to SWAT protest and five unique #EndSARS protesters

Nigerian police SWAT Team

Pipo share food

End SARS protests wey last for about eight straight days across Nigeria, dey considered by many as di most organized and first of a kind wey everibodi join hands to demand police reforms inside di west African kontri.

During protests and demonstrations like di #EndSARS, e dey normal to see pipo wey cari placard, sing our come out, but some odas go one step further dis time.

But dis I-no-go-gree waka no go dey successful without some pipo wey dey work to ensure say resources dey yanfuyanfu, pipo no dey taya and di environment no dirty.

BBC Pidgin look di mata, come find out say e get five types of ‘pipo’ wey make #EndSARS a success.

1. Di entertainers

Dis bin pipo wey come di protest ground to provide sometin for di pipo to watch and help make dem dey lively as dem dey match.

For Lekki, some pipo dress like lawyer and doctors come di protest ground.

Dog wey follow join protest


One one come wit im power bike and begin dey do stnt to entaitain pipo.

For Alusa area, one group come out with dia bicycle and scatting shoes. One man dey even ride bicycle with im dog for di protest.

Nigerian Police SWAT team


Di chanters

Di na pipo wey continue to dey lead di songs and even dey cread new songs wey go reflect wetin dey dey ask ask. Dis pipo be mostly men wey gt stamina to shout for long time.

Dem dey lead di “endsars” chorus wey protesters dey match to. Without dis pipo, di protest go just be ordinary waka and pipo fit quickly dey bored.

Di flag bearers

Anoda set of pipo wey dey close to di entertainers and chanters na di pipo wey dey pass dia own message with flags.

One man don dey popular sake of him pin flags and how im dey use am for di protest.

E don be subject of plenty fotos wey don go viral and wey also show di essence of di protest.

For Enugu, one girl fold her flag and sit ontop high statue dey cry sake of wetin she tok say SARs do her family.

Di cleaners

Women picking refuse in Lagos


Dis pipo are di ones wey dey pick all di bottles and oda dirty wey di portesters dey put for ground. Dem go about with dia dustbin nylon dey pic all di tins so dat road no go dirty.

Di providers

Nigerian Police SWAT team


Dis pipo dey very important to di success of di protest.

Dem be di ones wey dey provide food, water even transportation to pipo wey di ground.

For Ikeja, some pipo contribute money to buy bread, water and even rent DJ for di protest.

Di protesters wey dey Lekki provide plenty water and soft drink for pipo.

Di organisers

Nigerian police SWAT Team

Nigerian singer Folarin Falana AKA Falz na one of di celebrities wey organize #EndSARS protesters for Lagos

Dis na di pipo wey dey put money for ground for di protests.

Dem be di pipo wey dey offer dia services pro bono (free lawyer service), dem be pipo wey dey coordinate and do all di work wey be di engine ontop where di protest stand.

Nigerian Police SWAT team


How dis particular #EndSARS protest start?

Young pipo for Nigeria begin dey protest late week afta video appear show say men of di Nigerian Police Force shot one man and carry im car commot. BBC pidgin later find say di man no die but get injury and dey hospital.

But dat incident don led to protest wey don dey happun for Even afta di Inspector General of Police announce say dem don dissolve di Special Anti-Robbery Squad (SARS) wey cause di wahala, protesters still say dem no go gree.

BBC Pidgin don report on all di protests from across Nigeria and even di ones wey happun for outside Nigeria like UK and Ghana.